3rd Anniversary Porter


To celebrate the third anniversary at Hamburg Brewing Company, we have brewed an American Imperial Porter. Seven different types of malt with a smattering of Willamette hops create a deeply layered flavor of black current, rose hips, and candied raisins. To top it all off we added a few blueberries. Why? Well, why the hell not!

It’s our birthday and we can do what we want.

Style: Imperial Porter
ABV: 9.2%
Color: 45 SRM
IBU: 30
Body: Full
Aroma: Sweet Dark Chocolate
Malts: Pilsner, Caramel Munich Malt, Caramal Malt, Honey Malt, Chocolate, Black Prinz, Cara Rye
Hops: Willamette, Magnum