House Dressing


The House Dressing is our hop forward American Amber Ale. It features a large portion of ingredients that were grown in the State of New York including Two Row Pale malt and Cascade hops. The naming derives from the fact that NYS ingredients make this beer unique to our brewery and our State; NY is the salad and this is the dressing. We are a proud NYS brewery and intend to have this beer represent us along with New York farms with honor as we work to grow the farming industry. Go ahead. Have the House Dressing.

Style: American Amber Ale
ABV: 5.0%
Color: 11 SRM
IBU: 31
Body: Low-Medium
Aroma: Pine, Citrus
Malts: NY Grown Two row, Two Row, Goldpils Vienna, Caramel 60L
Hops: NY Cascade, Cascade, Amarillo