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LAKE VIEW LAGER - Lager 5.2% ABV   12oz/$5.50  16oz/$6.50

IRISH RED - Irish Style Red Ale 4.8% ABV   12oz/$5.50  16oz/$6.50

ERIE COUNTY FAIR BEER - Dark Mild 3.9% ABV   12oz/$5.50  16oz/$6.50

LOUIE IPA - India Pale Ale 6.9% ABV   12oz/$6.50  16oz/$7.50

OMS - Oatmeal Milk Stout 5.3% ABV   12oz/$5.50  16oz/$6.50

CITRUS WHEAT - American Wheat Ale 5.6% ABV  12oz/$6.50  16oz/$7.50  

SQUEEZY - Hard Lemonade 4.5% ABV  12oz/$6.50  16oz/$7.50     

ROOTS - Tropical Pale Ale 4.5% ABV  12oz/$5.50  16oz/$6.50

BREWER'S FAULT - JASON - American IPA 7.7% ABV  16oz CAN/$7.50

BREWER'S FAULT - SAM - Cold IPA 7.3% ABV  12oz /$6.50  16oz /$7.50

A LITTLE BIT LAGER NOW - Lager with Citra 6.0% ABV   12oz/$6.50  16oz/$7.50

OKTOBERFEST - Marzen Lager 5.7% ABV   12oz/$6.50  16oz/$7.50

I HOP IT - American IPA 7.0% ABV  16oz CAN/$7.50  

BERRY, BERRY SNEAKY! - Berry Fruited Sour Ale 7.2% ABV  12oz/$7.50  Contains lactose  

SABRO SMASH - American IPA 6.8% ABV  12oz/$7.50   

TROPICALLY DELICIOUS - Sour Ale with Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple 7.0% ABV  12oz /$7.50  Contains lactose

SUNSET BAE - Coconut, Mango, Banana Fruited Ale 6.0% ABV   16oz CAN/$10.00  Contains lactose

ORIGINAL HARD CIDER - Semi-dry Cider 6.0% ABV    12oz/$7.50  Gluten Free

BLACK CHERRY HARD CIDER - Semi-dry Cider 6.0% ABV    12oz/$7.50  Gluten Free

BLUEBERRY PEACH HARD CIDER - Semi-dry Cider 6.0% ABV    12oz/$7.50  Gluten Free

A LITTLE BIT CIDER NOW - Semi-dry Cider 6.0% ABV    12oz/$7.50  Gluten Free 



21 Brix - Pinot Grigio, NY State  Glass - $9  Bottle - $32

21 Brix - Riesling, NY State  Glass - $9  Bottle - $32

Macario | Vigneti - Moscato, Italy  Glass - $9  Bottle - $32

Slow Press - Chardonnay, California  Glass - $10  Bottle - $38

Erath - Pinot Noir, Oregon Glass - $12  Bottle - $45

J Lohr 7 Oaks - Cabernet, California - $13  Bottle - $45




Baked Pretzel Sticks
With Caraway Beer Mustard & Sriracha Aioli $9.75
Add Lake View Beer Cheese +$1

Tortilla Chips with…
House Salsa - $9   Chicken Wing Dip - $10.25   Guacamole - $10.75

Charcuterie Board
A rotating assortment of cheese, cured meat, complimenting spreads
and crostini. Details available at the bar. $17

Clams Casino (half dozen)
Bacon, Bell Peppers, Breadcrumb $9

Garlic Broiled Oysters (half dozen)
Parmesan & Breadcrumb $18

Fries Classic $8   Truffle Parm +$1  Salt n Vinegar +$1

Wings (10 each)
Smoked with Chipotle Lime Dry Rub $15
Dill Pickle with Pickled Mustard Seeds & Garlic Dill Rub $15

Sausage Stuffed Peppers
Italian Sausage, 3 Cheese Blend, Plum Tomatoes, Grilled bread $12

Classic Caesar Salad
House Dressing, Croutons, Parmigiano-Reggiano $12
Cajun Shrimp Harpoon +$8,  Grilled Chicken +$4,
Broiled Grouper +$10  (anchovies upon request)

Mexican Streetcorn Salad
Roasted Corn, Roasted Poblano Chilis, Cherry Tomatoes, Cotija Cheese,
Key lime Crema Dressing $12
Add-on:  Cajun Shrimp Harpoon +$8,  Grilled Chicken +$4, Broiled Grouper +$9
Wedge Salad
Sliced Egg, Blue Cheese, Bacon, Cherry Tomato, Buttermilk Dressing $11          Cajun Shrimp Harpoon +$8, Grilled Chicken +$4, Broiled Grouper +$10
Beef On Weck
Kimmelweck Costanzo Roll, Cucumber Wasabi Aioli, Kettle Chips & Pickle $14 Add Lake View Beer Cheese +$1

Roast Pork, Black Forest Ham, Swiss Cheese,  Caraway Beer Mustard, Pickle Chips, Kettle Chips $14

Nashville Hot Chicken
Pickle Brined Chicken Thigh, Dill Pickle Chips, Cole Slaw, Balsamic Tomato Jam, Toasty Costanzo Roll $14

Delmonico Steak Hoagie
Truffle Aioli, Fried Onion Straws $23

Lobster Roll
Lemon Pepper Aioli, Brunoise Celery, Brioche New England Roll $22

Personal Pizza
Classic Cheese, Marinara, Mozzarella $9.75                                                        Add-ons: .50c Pepperoni, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms
Margarita, Plum Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil $9.75                              
Add Blue Cheese +$1

Cajun Grouper Hoagie
Creole Remoulade, Cole Slaw, Beefsteak Tomato, Pickle $18

Chicken Parm Sandwich
Plum Tomato Sauce, Baked Provolone, Toasty Costanzo Roll $14

Mac n Cheez
Cavatappi, Three Cheese Blend, Cheeto Dust Crumb Topping $15
Add Grilled Chicken +$4  Bacon & BBQ Sauce +$1

Kung Pao Cauliflower
Tempura Fried, Peanuts, Clover Sprouts, Sesame $15

Add Fries to and Sandwich $2

Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich $7

Messy Sundae $9

Key Lime Pie $9 

Hard Cider Apple Crisp ala Mode $10


*All sandwiches can be made with gluten free bread


BRUNCH MENU - Available Sundays 10am-1pm Only.

Brunch inspired artisan meats and cheeses, french toast crostini, and breakfast spreads


Blueberry Goat: Bacon, Mozzarella, Blueberry goat cheese, Berry Berry Sneaky reduction

HBC Breakfast Pizza: Scrambled egg, Maple Infused Sausage, Three cheese blend, Maple Sriracha Aioli

Scrambled Egg, Smoked Gouda, Chorizo, Roasted Breakfast Potato, Pico de gallo, served with fresh fruit

Croissant, Smoked Maple Bacon, Egg, Honey and Goat Cheese, served with fresh fruit

Elk burger, Sunny Side Egg, Red Onion Bacon Jam, Bib Lettuce, Hard Roll, served with a side of potato wedges

2 pieces of toasted Texas Toast, Smashed Avocado, Pico de Gallo, Sriracha Mayo topped with two sunny-side eggs


Brunch Special - Ask at the bar

Breakfast Potato Wedges
with maple sriracha

Regular Beer Menu Available All Day
Mimosa- $5
HBC Bloody Mary-$8
Berry Berry Beermosa- $8
Beermosa- $7
Megamosa - $20
Juice: Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit

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